About Us

GBF&C is all about celebrating a Great British tradition.

We serve one of London’s best known and most loved dishes, and quite possibly the greatest pairing of all time.

During World War 1 the British government safeguarded supplies of fish to keep families on the home front in good heart
and Prime Minister Winston Churchill referred to the combination of Fish and Chips as ‘good companions’.

At GBF&C we offer diners fish and chips and a variety of savory and sweet food alongside a wide variety of drinks.

Our fish is sustainably sourced and frozen at sea to maintain the freshness before being cooked to perfection with a soft
and flaky crunchy, golden batter.

As with our fish we use only the best seasonal potatoes for our chips to ensure the best results.

GBF&C brings a true Great British experience in Central London.


If you’re visiting the City of London as a group, maybe on a school trip to London, get in touch with us in advance and we will arrange a group discount for you.